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28 10, 2020

Which Are The Best Internet Providers In Undri Pune?

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High-speed internet is a necessity these days, and while Pune overall has quite a few Internet Service Providers (ISPs), most of the newcomers in Undri are either stuck with one or no options. So for those moving in the city or changing their location in the town, we’ve got you covered with plenty of good

22 10, 2020

What Are The Best Neighbourhoods For Singles In Pune?

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Whether you are a student or a working professional, if you are moving to Pune, then it is advisable that you must finalize the right place to live before you arrive. Why? Because if you are a bachelor, then you already be knowing what India’s youth faces while searching for a home in metropolitan

29 09, 2020

Why Is Undri The Perfect Address For Millennials?

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The millennial lifestyle is full of speed and unfortunately, low on time. With work, health, and family, all requiring time from your daily life, you want all of them to be close to you. Nobody wants to spend precious minutes stuck in traffic, and it's time a vicinity checked all the boxes required to

21 09, 2020

Who Should Buy A Home At Ganga Millennia?

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A home is the most honest expression of a person. As eyes are the windows of the soul, so are the windows of your house a view into the world and its happenings. This is why buying a home at a young age is so important for most millennials. As a generation raised on independent

16 09, 2020

Why Undri Is The Best Place For Millennials To Stay Fit?

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In our fast-paced daily lives, full of hustle and bustle, we often undermine the importance of our health. One is further demotivated to keep fit when there are long journeys or substandard infrastructures. Well, not anymore!  With multiple gyms, parks and fitness centres, Undri is becoming a hub of sports and fitness. So if

2 09, 2020

How to Buy a Home Before Turning 30?

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Buying a home before 30 is not only a proud moment but also comes with a huge financial responsibility. We have listed down some tips on how to buy a house before 30? These tips will come in handy to make a wise decision when it comes to the decision. So let’s get started.

31 08, 2020

Swag Life For The Modern Millennials

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There are smart home projects in Pune, and there is Ganga Millennia. This ambitious project by Goel Ganga Group is catered to meet the lifestyle needs of the millennials and first time home buyers in Pune. Located in the sprawling area of Undri, this smart home project in Pune will make you say goodbye