Generations change, people change, technologies change, and so do choices.

Growing up, millennials have witnessed many revolutions, and be it any revolution or any changes, millennials have been very prompt and savvy to adopt them to makes their lives more comfortable and more convenient.

One such concept that millennials adore is the concept of modern homes. But the question is, what is a modern home?

Modern Homes

A modern home is where traditional lifestyle perfectly blends with modern technology. Minimalistic designs, AI-enabled electronics, sleek fittings and space optimization are just a few threads of a modern home suit. In other words, modern homes are the best-found place of modern ethos. And ever, since there was a need for modern homes for millennials, many builders and real estate projects, have come up that ensure modern amenities for an impactful and better lifestyle.

Modern Homes

If we talk about modern homes, smart homes are much needed by millennials because of the factor of sustainable living it offers. So it will be useful to say that modern homes are also smart homes when someone asks, what is a modern home?

Smart homes are the next step to technological advancements. And the first cause of this need is the attitude of the millennials to take an interest in more tech-savvy things. Smart Homes are well equipped with solutions like intelligent lighting, intelligent security solutions, smart appliances and gadgets, AI-based technology to replace mundane housework with smart work, and many more. The idea of a smart home is like any other technology; to replace ordinary things with things that takes fewer efforts and gives better results. Smart homes do exactly the same thing. They return hard work with quick work, even if it means switching on and off lights without you having to do it physically.

Another most critical factor that compels millennials to buy smart homes is the assurance of environmental sustainability that smart homes offer. Considering the urgent need to be more mindful of the environment, millennials today act more cautiously and take cautious decisions that do not affect the environment directly or indirectly. But again, these decisions are not at the cost of their existing lifestyle. Many companies have come up with the Internet of Things (IoT) devices that ensure environment-friendliness, energy-saving and convenience, all in one. And smart homes have these IoT devices already installed in a “ready-to-use” condition for millennial homebuyers.

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Independent living

It is one part of the question, what is a modern home? The other part is, what is independent living for youth, and what are the benefits of living independently?

The lifestyle of millennials largely influences the need for modern homes. Millennials prefer to live an independent lifestyle because it guarantees etter decision-making and a step to live life in heir own terms. Millennials, no wonder, the dream of such a lifestyle and thus smart homes adds to their independent lifestyle.

What is independent living for youth? Western culture profoundly influences the lifestyle of today’s youth. Where the child prefers to live on their own terms away from their family, this mentality of the youth has created another set of the target audience for many millennal- friendly industries, especially real estate. Smart homes are constructed, keeping in mind the ease of living along with the sustainability factor, which independent youth are very well concerned about.

Benefits of living independently

Better decision-making

1. Better decision-making: Millennials understand the need for certain things, that otherwise they would be refrained to choose if they live with a family or in a dependent environment. For example, the idea of buying a smart home is not only technologically advanced but also is environment-friendly. However, non-millennials will not understand the need for this.

2. Have your own rules and lifestyle: One of the most important benefits of living independently, is that you can create your lifestyle, based on your standards of living. You will not influence your family or friends, and you can thereby make wiser decisions that can make your experience better.

3. Encourages creativity: From making your own home to set up your home for work and living, in every step, independent living will help you to have creative thinking. So if you want to give a minimalistic look to your home, or bring the vibes of nature to your home, your level of creativity will take a step up every time you think of renovating or making your own home, this is also one of the benefits of living independently.

4. Financial independence: Independent living means making your own financial decisions. That also includes buying a home or renting one. Be it any financial decision, whether investment or spending, you need not be influenced by anyone to make that important financial decision that can make your dream come true.


5. Self-development: Another significant benefits of living independently is your development. Independent living changes a person and makes him more responsible and aware of his personal life and the lives of others. It also means making you socially accountable. Independent living also makes you realize the struggles that your dear ones might have gone through in their lives. And this will make you appreciate everything in life and never take it for granted.

At the Bottom

Considering this mentality of millennials, the Government have also taken a step to help the youth, financially and socially. While buying smart homes, the Government has introduced many financial schemes that ensure no additional financial burden and complete flexibility. Real Estate projects are coming up with intelligent solutions and smart homes that facilitate independent living for youth.

They say millennials impact and influence the purchasing power and decision-making processes of the other audience, like baby boomers and older generations. Because millennials have been a part of the evolution of ages, so it will be right to say that millennials are changing the ideas of modern homes and independent living, and are creating a need for such a lifestyle for other generations too.

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