Buying a home before 30 is not only a proud moment but also comes with a huge financial responsibility. We have listed down some tips on how to buy a house before 30? These tips will come in handy to make a wise decision when it comes to the decision. So let’s get started.


Buying a home before 30 is a huge dream for millennials today. But the moment they start figuring out as to how to buy a house before 30?, they start wondering if they could live up to their dreams. It’s a huge responsibility for millennials who are already trying to juggle between their dreams and their family. But surely, this responsibility is backed by a peace of mind and a sense of achievement.  It isn’t easy as said. The aspiration of having a home comes with a lot of prior planning and commitments. But like every coin has two sides, the pleasures of buying a home before turning 30 has two sides as well. One side is responsibilities, and the other side is an achievement.

Having a home before a certain age is the greatest milestone for anyone to achieve. In the case of millennials, it matters even more. Millennials under 30, especially those who have recently kickstarted their professional careers, are usually the first-time buyers of many things, like cars, gadgets, etc. However, in the case of buying a home, they may hesitate. Though the myths around the age of  owning a home is not to be blamed. What needs to be blamed, are the observations they have made, either through their family or peer group. Therefore, it is to be remembered and noted that not what you see and hear is true. At least not for the first time home buyers.

We have listed down some very important tips, for those who are actively looking for their own abodes, or are giving this a thought;

1. Consider your Life Stage

Your decision of buying a home should not affect your professional and personal life commitments that you have already made. Consider it only when you are ready to give a financial and personal commitment to it. Home buying isn’t as easy as buying a cake from a cake shop. The financial liability will take years to fulfil. If you are not stable in your professional career or have no real purpose, feel free to skip the idea.


2. Start Planning Early


One of the determining factors is appropriate planning. From financial planning to planning the type of house, to even aligning your home buying decision with your life decision, planning to buy a home should start immediately after making up your mind.

3. Save Time and Money Wherever You Can

Whether it’s about hiring a professional for paperwork or buying a flat directly from the builder, make sure that every plan you make, saves you money and time both.


4. Get your Home Priorities Straight


While purchasing, it’s important to have your priorities for the home handy. Decisions like locality, size of the flat, amenities in the place of residence, buying a ready-to-move-in flat or under-construction apartment, etc. have to be kept ready beforehand, so that you don’t waste time in just randomly searching for homes.

5. Look for any Updates on an Annual Budget about Real Estate

During the process, do keep a constant check on any new updates or reforms announced by the Government regarding real estate and home buying. Planning, according to the Union Budget, will help you avail the potential benefits announced by the Government.



The road to buying a home before 30 isn’t easy. And it comes with a lot of prior planning. In fact, millennials might skip this idea altogether and consider living on rent because of the financial liability that one has to bear. But if you follow these tips on buying a house before 30, one can surely give this a thought.

For a few set of millennials, especially those who have just started their professional careers, it may look like a distant dream. For such millennials, Maharashtra Government is providing flexible financial and home buying options, which will encourage them to buy a home before 30.

It’s never too late to wake up in the morning in your own home, without having to worry about paying monthly house rental or getting anxious from a landlord’s calls or text messages. We highly recommend millennials to prioritise it and take advantage of the returns and benefits that come along.