From building own home to ready to moe in ones and from own land to multistorey apartments, India, over the last 20 years, has seen a paradigm shift in home buying patterns. With population blast city limits expanded but not enough to occupy everyone. And the solution came in the form of apartments. And the rest, as they say, is history.

The flat culture has taken the Indian metros by storm. While today’s quite a few prefer apartments, there is still a large section of people who desire to buy their plot and build their own homes. So if you are either one of those people who are struggling to find the answer of ‘is independent house good or flat? Here is some essential information to end your debate.

Land For Sale

Both are good on their terms. But the proper answer to this question- What’s better buying land or apartment? It would be a personal choice and preferences. And to drive these preferences, you should know all pros and cons. Take a look:

  • Building a home is a tedious process. It occupies land search, purchase, contractor dealings, architecture, etc. And the whole process can take up to 2 to 3 years (Depending on the requirement). Whereas buying a flat is a quicker and easier way to own a house.

  • Registration cost of land is 5 – 15% in different states. In flat purchase, the builder registers the land and re-registers it to you for additional registration fees. If you buy land directly, you can save on registration cost.

  • Real estate builders get the business loan at the rate of 14 or higher, but if you (as an individual) gets the Home loan, it’s ~9%. In reality, you will be saving 2 to 5 lakhs rupees, if you build your own home. (Raw Calculation).

  • In flat purchase, you have to settle to the design what builders provide. Whereas in building your own home, you can construct & design your own house in whatever way you feel like while if you buy an apartment, Lesser documentation verification needed for a flat compared to building your home.

  • In a flat or apartment, you get a community, security and plenty of amenities like park, pool, garden, play area, party hall, etc. Whereas, in individual homes, these things are not easily available.

  • And finally, last but not least, individual homes come with a lot of freedom to make changes in architecture, parking, movement, loud music, maintenance. Whereas, flats or apartments come with a list of restrictions.

Residential Scenario

With all the above points, it is clear that both homes come with their unique pros and cons. So if you are someone who prioritises safety, amenities, community living experiences but can compromise with space, architecture, restrictions then Flats are best suited for you. But if you are someone who main motive is to live the dream life in his own home with loads of freedom and is willing to spend time, money and efforts then buy land and build a house.

Residential investment

Finally, it will boil down to your personal choice. If you ask us, then we will suggest flats in metropolitan areas like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Kolkata, etc. and individual homes in tier-3 & tier-4 areas like Bhopal, Surat, Jamshedpur, etc.

Investment Scenario

But what’s for investors? Plot or flat, which is a better investment? Continue reading to find out…

If we can say it simply, then we would say that though building a house takes more time and efforts, it is a much better investment in most cases. Returns on a plot are greater than returns on a flat. Plus, Income from rent is also better in independent houses. It is because you can divide the house into portions and live in one and rent others if needed. You might have already seen a lot of PGs and hostels where independent villas have been converted.

Real Estate Investment in Pune

As an investor availability of funds also makes a lot of difference in decision making. So what you need to keep in mind is that independent homes allow you to stop or continue housework. No obligations attached. Whereas, flats come with specific timelines of payment (Whether you have taken a loan or not)


Some other factors like taxes, holding period, the purpose of the purchase, your lifestyle also drive decisions. That’s why there is no single answer to this buy vs rent debate. So instead of making a list of all pros and cons, make a list of your preferences and cross-check with both subjects to find out, which home allows you to do the most.

You might not get everything everywhere unless you are not a millionaire. But you will definitely get peace of mind with your own home.

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