Is Undri a Good Investment In 2020-2021?

For many years, investors willing to invest in upcoming real estate projects have this dilemma- Is Undri a good investment? And the answer is YES!

But why? Why Invest in Undri?

But Why? Why Invest in Undri?

Having proximity to commercial hubs like Magarpatta SEZ and Hadapsar, Undri is looked upon as an up-and-coming hub for residential as well as commercial projects. Because of this, the people living in and around Undri have high expectations of better amenities and infrastructure to them.

Once upon a time, Undri was galore of rich farmlands and the area used to be under the ambit of Gram Panchayat. Investors had their attention to Undri since then, because of foreseen opportunities of infrastructural development. However, the people of Undri opposed the idea of its merger with Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) in 1997 because of the fear of urbanization. Hence in 2002, Undri was demerged from the ambit of PMC.

This didn’t end here. Undri still had a lot of opportunities to provide for infrastructural development.

The development happened though. But it was quite haphazard and unplanned. This made way to several inconveniences and infrastructural mishaps. The problem of water shortage was very often. Existing builders made tall promises to overcome these problems, which they failed to fulfil.

In the later years, the PMC again made plans to include Undri under the ambit of PMC, and by then, the nearby areas started to see rampant development.

The Gram Panchayat passed a resolution for Undri to be covered in the civic limits of PMC, with the hope of improved amenities like water, electricity, proper drainage system and better infrastructural development.

With a no objection from the existing locals and residents of Undri, the Gram Panchayat and PMC moved ahead to work on extensive development and expansion of Undri. It made way for PMC to announce many developmental projects from many private players as well.

And the question still remains the same, even after many years; is Undri a good investment?

The answer remains the same. YES!

Over the years, Undri has become the fastest developing area in the Southern part of Pune. Today, it is one of the industrial as well as IT hub in Pune. The development of civic amenities and infrastructure has interested many investors in investing in Undri. Also, the working class people and neutral families have chosen Undri as an option for residence, considering its close proximity to major commercial and major amenities like schools and other educational institutions.

Undri is promising not only for employment but also for education. There are many reputed schools in Undri like Delhi Public School (DPS), Amanora School and City International School, to name a few. Additionally, Undri is proximate to many hospitals, and Sanjeevani Nursing Home is one of them.

For people to shop and chill on weekends, there are various malls and multiplexes in and around Undri. Seasons Malls, Amanora Mall, Central Mall and Kumar Pacific Mall, are few of them. These malls and multiplexes are well connected by good roads.

Undri is well connected by Pune International Airport, which takes a time of 45 minutes to an hour from Undri. Also, the railway station at Hadapsar and Pune Railway Station is very well connected to Undri and are at a distance of approximately 10 km. Undri also offers excellent bus services for State Transport as well as Private Buses. Katraj Bus Stand and Market Yard Bus Depot are very nearby to Undri.

But Why? Why Invest in Undri?

If this wasn’t enough, then Undri is also well-connected with major state and national highways: Kondhwa Road, Mumbai-Hyderabad Highway, Solapur Road are few to name. Government is planning many other such major roads and expansion of the existing ones for even better connectivity.

No wonder Undri has wide employment opportunities. But there are quite many places to see around Undri in Pune. There are many places to visit in Undri like heritage buildings, malls and multiplexes, museums and amusement parks to have a good day with your friends and family.

Undri is gradually on its way to becoming a one-stop hub for a perfect social and professional lifestyle. It has garnered the attention of millennials in particular. With Undri offering a lifestyle that every millennial dream of, more builders are interested in finding out why to invest in Undri, and what more has Undri got to offer.

If investors ask, is Undri good for investment? The answer is YES!

Five years ahead, Undri will be the next promising hub after major areas like Koregaon Park, Magarpatta, Hadapsar, etc. Since Undri now is in the developing stage, this is a very right time for investors to invest in residential and commercial projects, as the returns are expected to increase. Today, the approximate appreciation for investors stand at around 20% and in the next five years itself, the appreciation will rise significantly. Being an array of opportunities, Undri will be the next millennial-friendly choice for settling down with a good lifestyle.

Another reason why to invest in Undri is that the Government is actively taking an interest in the infrastructural and civic development of Undri, considering the huge potential it has. Government has made many ambitious proposals for infrastructure as of now, and further plans to develop the area and include Undri is one of the major hubs for people to settle down in.

But Why? Why Invest in Undri?


Pune has witnessed an influx of various multinationals and industries, because of its improved connectivity to metro and Tier-I cities like Mumbai and Bengaluru. Additionally, Pune being the educational hub of India, this further increased the opportunities for builders and real estate people to launch various projects. Because of the rising commercial opportunities in Pune, there has been a huge demand in residential apartments in Pune. And Undri is one such area.

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