What is a Smart Home?

Imagine a time like this – You are about to reach home after a tiring day at work. You are stuck in a traffic jam. You use your smartphone to direct the Air Conditioner of your living room to switch on. You also get your Bathroom Geyser switched on, by using your smartphone.

Life would be so easy, isn’t it? Well, this is now getting real. Smart Homes are now a reality.

Smart Home? What is it?

A smart home is where all the devices at home are interconnected using a remote network or internet. From washing machines to TVs to Geysers and Air Conditioners, even the doors and windows, every single device today can be interconnected thanks to smart home technology.

What is Smart Home Technology?

Commonly known as Home Automation, Smart Home Technology is nothing but connecting all your devices at home using a network. The network can be a local network or the internet.

Let’s look at how this technology works. Before Smart Home Technology, you used to come home very tired. You switched on the lights, made your way to your room, switched on the geyser, waited for a while for the hot water, you entered the kitchen, made yourself some tea or coffee.

And now? You just instruct the lights in your living room to switch on at a stipulated time, also called Smart Lighting Solutions. You switched on the geyser, you prepared your tea/coffee machine, directed your TV to keep your Netflix show ready at a set time. You also ordered the Air Conditioner of your living room to switch on and set the required temperature.

You are now living in a smart home. Where even before you reach home, everything is kept ready for you. All you do is enter your home, keep your belongings in place, waste no time waiting for the hot water, and also get your preferred beverage ready. And you just sit on your sofa and your Netflix show starts automatically.

You save time. You save efforts. All those little mundane jobs are replaced by just an instruction from your smartphone.

Now here comes an interesting twist. What if you need not even instruct these devices through your smartphone? That’s the power of Artificial Intelligence or AI in Smart Homes.

While Smart Homes are directly proportionate to energy-saving and less energy wastage, AI-based Smart Homes are a step further. Your devices are automated through sensors which brings efficiency in energy consumption without any instruction. So, if you even forget to instruct the smart lights to switch off, AI will do the needful. In other words, smart devices become smarter and more intelligent, thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

Smart Home Technology is becoming a new normal for many Indian households. And seeing this changing behavior of the people, especially millennials, The Indian Home Automation market is expected to double by the year 2022. Seeing a surge in demand for smart devices and smart homes, the companies are gradually introducing smart devices and the market is increasingly flooding with these products. Home Automation, which was seen as a luxury, is now seen as a necessity.

However, the major concern is this; the devices need security. And here comes the Smart Home Security.

What is Smart Home Security?

It is securing your smart devices with a security system. This security system is connected to an internet network through your smartphone. So if there is any unusual activity detected by the security system, a notification alert will be sent to your smartphone.

Now AI is a step ahead here as well. AI will not only notify you of the unusual activity but will also solve the situation according to the instructions programmed in them. If not, then AI activity will call for external help, all by themselves. So you may or may not even need to intervene.

In the wake of the Coronavirus Pandemic, the need for maintaining social distancing has become more necessary than before. Smart Home Technology is giving a new wave of opportunities for everyone to adopt this technology. Because it reduces the chances of direct contact and constantly sanitizing everything at home.

What is a Smart Home? It’s the new extraordinary. It’s a new and rather simplified way of living.

what is Smart Home technology? It is made to make our lives easier, just like any other technology does.

We are gradually moving to a generation, where “Home Sweet Home” means “Home Smart Home”. Smart Homes are becoming a thing of the present. And AI-based Smart Homes will be the future.

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