A home is the most honest expression of a person. As eyes are the windows of the soul, so are the windows of your house a view into the world and its happenings. This is why buying a home at a young age is so important for most millennials. As a generation raised on independent living and zero compromises, the youngster of today seeks a high-quality lifestyle with his/her greater sense of conscious living and responsibility.

Ganga Millennia Homes have been designed to satisfy the ‘Swag’ factor that today’s millennials so crave. Smart home with intelligent amenities, enough space to accommodate individual needs and creativity, the best-in-class fitness amenities, and so much more. Are you wondering if Ganga Millenia’s ‘Swag per square foot’ 1 BHK and 2 BHK homes are for you? If any of these points find a place in your checklist of happy living, then the ‘Swag’ life is perfect for you.

1. You Are A Millennial Who Loves Fitness


It is no secret that many youngsters are more comfortable in a gym than in their own home. Fitness is a way of living and more so at Ganga Millennia. With exclusive access available to one of the best professionally managed clubs in Undri, Club G-Cube, you get to live out your fitness dream in a proper clubhouse. With 15+ more amenities such as an infinity pool, steam bath, basketball and tennis court and an open exercise plaza, you get to ‘exercise’ complete freedom in working out with Swag.

2. You Know The Importance Of Planning Early

The hassle of paying your rent every month and handling unfriendly landlords is not what any millennial wants. Why part with exorbitant amounts of rent every month when you can live in your own independent apartment with utmost freedom at a similarly-priced EMI? As they say, ‘the early bird catches the worm’, and so it is true for buying your first home at a young age for a life of optimum luxury.

3. You Want To Save Time And Money

You said you don’t want to spend every living moment travelling in Pune’s traffic and we heard you! With petrol prices touching sky-high levels and commute between your office and home taking up most of your free time, we understand your frustration with urban living. In close proximity to Magarpatta SEZ, SP Infocity and Hadapsar Industrial Area, living at Ganga Millenia will save you loads of time and money, adding ‘Swag’ to your everyday life.


4. You Care About Nature


What sets you apart from the rest of the world is your attitude of caring towards the environment. This is why living at Ganga Millenia gives you the chance to live a comfortable lifestyle along with being a conscientious consumer. With sustainably-built infrastructures such as rainwater harvesting, solar water heating facility, solid waste management and more, you get to live with the ‘Swag’ of knowing you’re doing good in the world!

5. You Are In Love With Modern Home Living

When the world is becoming ‘smart’ day-by-day, then why not your home too? Buying a house in your early 20s is all about making the right decisions. Intelligent homes understand your need to stay connected with the world through a 24×7 Wi-Fi network. They also help in optimum energy use by intelligent lighting provisions to keep your home bright only when you need it.

6. You Want To Live By Your Own Rules

As a young achiever, you have always lived by your own rules and made your own decisions. Along with financial stability, comes the freedom to live your life the way you want. Living in your own independent home helps you take your freedom a step further and truly live a life of individuality. With lots of space to think and live a life of  ‘Swag per square foot’, you enjoy the luxury of making more independent choices and truly live the millennial dream.

Modern Youngsters

7. You Want To Live In A ‘hip’ Locality

You become who you hang out with, and this is especially true for the modern youngster who spends as much, if not more, time hanging out with their friends as their family. Weekends call for a hangout with friends at the nearest cafe, restaurant or mall and Undri doesn’t disappoint. Located right next to the Corinthians Club, and surrounded by malls like Dorabjee’s, Clover Hills Plaza and Bizzbay Mall, there is room for spending lots of quality time with loved ones.

Buying a home in your twenties may not be easy, but rest assured it is truly worth the ‘Swag’ lifestyle that comes with it.